Nego Yokte

Wien / Berlin. Elektronik / Experimentell.
Nego Yokte lives and works between Vienna and Berlin. His artistic focus spans from music production in the field of electronic and experimental music to the conceptualization of modern art works and performance art. He has recorded and toured with artists such as the minimal music composer Arvo Part or the Morphing Chamber Orchestra and written music for numerous theatre productions and dance performances in Europe as well as for a few awarded short films. His international activity as a touring session musician has taken him around Europe as well as the Americas and to remote destinations in Asia frequently. Coming from an academic background, Nego Yokte has been exploring underground electronic music since 2012 and been active in the local scene under the monikers Nego Yokte and Akali, having released a few remixes and collaborated with artists such as the Circle Sessions Collective, which brought him on the stage of the Fusion Festival in 2016. Having a strongly emotional approach to music and art, he draws inspiration from travelling and meeting restless souls alike.