Boris Mitic, RS, 2017
78 min., OmU (englisch)


26.02.2019 | 21:00
28.02.2019 | 19:00
Ein filmischer Versuch über das Nichts: Mit den Aufnahmen von mehr als 100 Kameraleuten, Versen, die von Iggy Pop vorgetragen werden und der Musik der legendären Tiger Lillies untermalt, versucht Boris Mitic einen Film über das Nichts zu machen, das endlich richtig verstanden werden will.
“Nothing” might not have a very promising name, but it’s nonetheless an enterprising character. Tired of being misunderstood, it runs away from home and travels across eight mountain ranges and eight seas to come and visit us—commenting on all it sees, contemplating life and death, politics, the relationship between men and women, and the meaning of life, all in simple verse. It’s the world according to Nothing, an all-encompassing vision. The gravelly voice of Iggy Pop drives along this critical monologue. Sometimes lingering, sometimes restless, the rhythm of his narration has its visual counterpart in a series of documentary images of nothing filmed all over the world by 62 cinematographers. The footage complements or contrasts with the text, or leaves us guessing at a possible connection. The result is a feel-good documentary about Nothing, in which platitudes, deep insights, poetic observations and small mysteries blend to form a compelling whole.

„Despite its title, the film offers an abstruse reflection on more than a few things – although it’s always clear exactly what is being reflecting on. The concept of nothingness it brought to life through the character of Nothing, who expresses a variety of ideas using rhyming dialogue and hopes that audience members will be able to build their own movie.“ (

“This is like something from the Renaissance or something.” Iggy Pop
“Too wise to be poetic.” Film Explorer

“An outstanding essay about the scariest thing on earth. We won’t fear the abyss anymore.” Cuadernos de Cine

“Iggy Pop is the voice of Nothing in a film about everything. Confused? This is just the beginning of a massive cosmic comedy.” CPH:DOX