Mini Fespaco de Vienne

Das Mini Fespaco de Vienne ist ein einzigartiges Filmfestival in Wien, das seinen Ursprung im renommierten FESPACO (Panafrikanisches Film- und Fernsehfestival von Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) hat. Seit seiner Premiere im Jahr 2017 ist es zu einer Biennale geworden und präsentiert 2023 bereits zum vierten Mal herausragende Filme auf den Leinwänden Wiens.

Das Festival bringt Filmpremieren und preisgekrönte Werke nach Wien, die alle sorgfältig aus der offiziellen Selektion des FESPACO ausgewählt wurden. Es ist eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, die Vielfalt des afrikanischen Filmschaffens zu entdecken und sich von den fesselnden Geschichten und künstlerischen Visionen inspirieren zu lassen.

23.6 - 25.6 im Schikaneder Kino

Das Festival wird in Kooperation mit dem this human world Film Festival gezeigt.
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CM/US, 2021
109 min., OmeU
An African refugee ́s quiet existence in a sleepy mountain town in the south of France is upended by the arrival of a charismatic catholic priest whom she recognizes as the warlord who slaughtered her family.


NG, 2022
94 min., eOV
I am going to retake a journey that I made 21 years ago, as a young man, when I left Nigeria to try and reach Europe by road. On my journey, I turned back on the advice of a stranger. Why do other young men and women continue? I want to meet West African youth migrating today to search for a better life and through conversations with them, I will try to understand their challenges and hopes as well as the choices they make. With images of people lured into slavery and bondage along the routes in North Africa all over social media and the internet, most young people are aware of the dangers of traveling undocumented by road. More and more women are joining the ranks of those who risk this journey. I want to meet the women who take such a dangerous risk and find out what this means for evolving gender roles in African society. This journey is a reflection on own my coming-of-age story, a road movie through the landscapes and cultures of West Africa.


ML, 2022
67 min., OmeU
Sira is a 17-year-old girl who lives in a small landlocked village. Rebellious, independent and very flirtatious, she is the object of many desires. She does not see her life in the village and dreams of returning to the city to afford a better life. While Sira’s father, Zan Coulibaly, has just accepted the marriage proposal of Doukouré, the richest merchant in the village, Namory arrives in the village after several years spent on a gold minning site. Namory, young and attractive, and apparently rich, is the perfect man for Sira. Between the two young people, a love affair develops to the point where Sira decides to defy her father’s will.
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Tunesien, 2022
92 min., OmeU
Youssef Chebbi - TN 2022, 92 min., OmeU
In the Gardens of Carthage, a district of Tunis initiated by the former Regime which construction stopped at the beginning of the Revolution, two cops, Fatma and Batal, find a burnt body in one of the lots. As construction slowly resumes, they start looking into this mysterious case. When the event repeats itself, the investigation takes a puzzling turn.

+++ Gewinner der 1. Preis FESPACO, der goldene Yennenga Hengst +++


BF, 2022
98 min., OmeU
Since January 2016, Burkina Faso has been confronted to terrorists group attacks.
Burkina Faso lives to the rhythm of the killings of unidentified armed men. Hundred of villages were terrorized by night attacks. Protestants, Muslims, Catholics all are victims. The crisis ist a global one.These alleged jihadists or unidentified armed men have no political or social claims. These tzerrorist groups have driven millions of people from their homes, closed 4,000 schools and killed more than 100 Burkinabè. Thanks to their methods of indoctrination based on religious reasons and texts and favored by the extreme poverty that some people live in the cities and countryside of Burkina Faso.