Intro Porn Shorts

Intro Porn Shorts
diverse, 102 min., OmU
The Intro Porn Shorts provide an overview of what Porn Film Festival Vienna is all about: This carefully chosen selection of short films reflects the diversity of contemporary porn productions and features a wide variety of aesthetics and topics addressed. We see how a spilt glass of whiskey can lead to a lustful experience and reflect on the aesthetics of male genitalia. Kinky Father-Daughter-Fantasies and their relationship to the topic of consent are equally discussed as the pleasures that women can gain from riding a bike…the right way. We learn about the visual significance of split screen filming for pornography and experience what happens when two strangers meet alone in the woods. Long story short: come and see how diverse pornography can be nowadays!
Fluid Chemistry, Deike Schwarz, GER 2018, 2′
Kinky Kitchen, Bea Höller, GER 2018, 2′
Scrotalus, Werther Germondari, ITA 2019, 2′
The Gaper, Lauren Jane Williams & Manuel Vason, UK 2012, 11′
The Punishment, Inka Winter, US 2017, 9′
The Bestial Room, Lauren Jane Williams & Ines Von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi, UK 2013, 9′
Sugar, Little Swastika, GER 2018, 22′, EN OV
The Loneliness of The Bike Messenger Girl, Pina Brutal, GER 2017, 7′
Bare Romance, Karel Tuytschaever, BEL 2014, 30′, NL OV + EN subs