Lesbian Porn Shorts

Lesbian Porn Shorts
diverse, 85 min., OmU
The Lesbian Porn Shorts present a wide variety of sapphic film making in all its diversity. Il Pleut lets us observe a sensual experience of two women who make their bodies sing in the rain just to find ourselves again in a sensual negotiation of power in Driven. L’Annonce features a mysterious get-together that ends in a lustful interaction whereas nature and pleasure blend to the fulness of the yoniverse in Yoni Love. Pain dulce narrates the story of the sweetness of pain while Polyethylene Touch showcases a translucent game of corporeality between bodies and plastics. As you wish, my Lady negotiates questions of power, pleasure and desire as Zarosli meditates on the politics of seeing and being seen.
Il Pleut, Inka Winter, USA 2018, 11′
Driven, Toni Karat, DEU 2018, 13′, DE OV + EN subs
L'Annonce (The Ad), Carré Rose & Vespéral, FRA 2018, 16′, FR OV + EN subs
Yoni Love, Vinnie Gottfredsen, DNK 2018, 9′, EN OV
Pain Dulce, Ramses Rodstein, USA 2018, 8′, EN OV
Polyethylene Touch, Flicker Fuckers, SWE 2018, 9′
As You Wish, My Lady, Jo Pollux & Sadie Lune, DEU 2018, 5′, EN OV
Zarosli, Oksana Kazmina, UKR 2017, 14′

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