Political Porn Shorts

Political Porn Shorts
diverse, 94 min., OmU
Pornography is just about getting sexually aroused by the means of audiovisual material, right? Wrong!  Porn is political. Period. Pornography reflects, criticizes and re-imagines what sexuality is and could be, for us as individuals and as society. Our Political Porn Shorts touch on pressing issues on the politics of sexuality. Find out how BDSM practices change right-wing political opinions in present-day Israel, what an elephant from Hong Kong can tell you about consciousness and spectatorship, how tabooed female sexuality can be life-threatening in Japan or how many ways there are to celebrate sex-positivity, acceptance and consent, here and everywhere. We also see that there is no need for exclusion.
Rising, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, AUT 2018, 4′, EN OV
Family Life, Anna-Karin Örander, SWE 2017, 19′, SWE OV + EN subs
Elephant the Allison, So Yarli A., UK/HKG 2018, 12′, International OV
Sex Tapes: Lessons from a 7ft Penis & Friends, Tamara Scherbak, CAN 2016, 8′, EN OV
White Towels, Hannah Marianetti & Max Ogniz, USA 2019, 6′, EN OV
The Public Execution of Jasmine H., Cesar del Giudice, HKG 2017, 12′, EN/CN OV + EN subs
Yes Campaign, Ms. Naughty, AUS 2017, 8′, EN OV
Lizzy & Seyyah, Kristian Petersen, GER 2018, 10′, GER OV
No Democracy Here, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz,  ISR 2018, 25′, HEB OV + EN subs

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