Noel Alejandro Porn Shorts

Noel Alejandro Porn Shorts
Noel Alejandro, ES 91 min., OV (englisch)
Noel Alejandro is a gay adult film maker born in Barcelona and living in Berlin. His films are undeniably arousing but embedded in an aesthetic language so soft, clear and beautiful. Noel uses sex as filmic vocabulary but nevertheless his films communicate political matters, deep emotions and social taboos. In the Noel Alejandro Porn shorts we are taken to a trip to the darkest corners of our mind like in Call me a Ghost. Serodiscordantes explores a relationhip, focusing in on the moment where an HIV status is revealed. We are taken to hot waters and abundant landscapes full of innocence in The Seed, whereas The End brings us close to moments full of grieve and the demonic persuasions of passed-away flesh. Sweat lets us discover a visit of a friend that turns to a sensual redemption of a most feared fetish.
Call me a ghost, Noel Alejandro, ESP/BEL 2017, 19′, EN OV
Serodiscordantes, Noel Alejandro, ESP/GER 2019, 27′, SP OV + EN subs
The Seed, Noel Alejandro,GER/BEL 2018, 18′, EN OV
The End, Noel Alejandro, BEL 2018, 22′, EN OV
Sweat, Noel Alejandro, GER/ESP 2018, 22′, EN OV