The Naked Feminist & Adorn (double feature)

The Naked Feminist & Adorn (double feature)
diverse, 86 min.,
Adorn: A woman and a man meet – for the first time. In the beginning they are completely naked, in the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. The in-between knows no script, the performers indulge in each other, totally improvised, surrendered to the moment and their pleasure. Together they laugh, kiss, tease, fight, finger and fuck - enjoying the beauty of sex. With Adorn, director Jennifer Lyon Bell shows an experimental erotic game, a love scene in reverse. The Naked Feminist‍: The Naked Feminist challenges the myths surrounding women in the US-American porn industry. Featuring some of the most renowned actresses of the porn business, the documentary explores what it means for those women to work in porn, how they support each other, which hardships they face and how they still make it a rewarding, maybe even empowering experience. An insightful documentary that challenges preconceived notions of control, pleasure and exploitation.
With: Marilyn Chambers, Veronica Hart
The Porn Film Festival Vienna was brought into existence in 2018, and started with posing an easy (yet strangely hard to answer) question: "What is porn?" 2019 sees the festival return on 4-8 April, still with the challenging objective to showcase and celebrate the colorful diversity of porn, and stimulate an open, societal debate. Its mission is to bring a genre back into the public sphere of the cinema that is usually locked away in private quarters. Its prime directive is to present the creativity and political possibilities of a defining (yet always hidden) part of society. The goal is to challenge prejudices and stereotypes.

The festival offers a film and theory program that breaks the monotony boring cheesy mainstream porn - to proudly presents feminist, queer & LGBTIQ* positions. The Porn Film Festival Vienna wants to create an open and welcoming space for reception, discussion, and reflection and to challenge and broaden horizons. Because porn can be: lustful, honest, friendly and self-determined! The festival's second edition will take place April 4-8 2019 in various venues in Vienna. It will devote itself extensively to the daring question: "What is shame?"

Adorn, Jennifer Lyon Bell, NLD 2018, 28′, EN OV + DE subs
The Naked Feminist, Louisa Achille, USA 2004, 58′, EN OV