Greek Queer Porn Shorts

Greek Queer Porn Shorts
diverse, 62 min.,
Satyrs and Sapho: a greek LGBT selection presented by Menelas Siafakas. In So Quiet: The Performativity of a Pussyundefined we learn that every pussy is doing it’s very own performance and it’s legitimate to sexually fantasize about your father like Roco. Reflections of a Miniature past lover, leaving behind a burden. Twitter experts trigger queer masturbation fantasies in Gods and Monsters and in Synthlepsyundefinedand flickering pictures of bodies are melting together, revealing something dark and lecherous. In Raspberry Reich we see political action-takers come to power in dark times and dreams come true during an Afternoon Siesta, when sweet angels encounter men and tenderness collides with intensity.
So Quiet: The Performativity of a Pussy, Maria Cyber, GRC, 8′
Roco, Castro, GRC 2017, 5′, EN OV + EN subs
Miniature,  Stephanos Kakavoulis, GRC 2014, ‘5, GR OV + EN subs
Gods and Monsters, @musclesmoke, GRC 2018, 1′
Synthlepsy, Konstantinos Menelaou, GRC 2017, 3′
Raspberry Reich, Menelas, GRC 2014, 9′, GR OV + EN subs
Afternoon Siesta, Panagiotis Evangelidis, GRC 2011, 30′