FEM* Porn Shorts

diverse, diverse, diverse
60 min.,
  • Paperporn: The Wet One, Gianni Arni, SUI 2018 , 15′′
  • Tidal, Dwam Ipomée, FRA 2017, 7′, EN OV                         
  • Triple P, Allie Oops, CAN 2018, 8′, EN OV + EN subs (COMPETITION INT. SHORTS)
  • Retour, Feuerzeug, GER 2019, 23′, DE OV + EN subs       
  • Second Shutter, Goodyn Green, GER 2018, 46′, EN OV
  • Jawbreaker, Mahx Capacity, USA 2018, 14′, EN OV (COMPETITION INT. SHORTS)
The Fem* Porn Shorts addresses all female* pleasure in its very own and unique ways. Pornography can be feminist and female-produced and depict female pleasure. Join us in for an short program full of diversity and expressions of female lust.

We are taken on a rush journey to female lust, shortly and joyful. Whereas in others we explore some episodes full of emotions, cries and shivers of lust in sun-drenched, intoxicatingly beautiful moving sexual tableaus. There is an encounter of smiles and enlightened souls that gives us behind-the-scenes insights. We get to know a honest movie about how a road trip full of dialogues can arouse fire within the protagonists. Finally, we fulfill our sweetest dreams.