Making Kin // 24.05 - 26.05


24.05.2019 | 20:00
25.05.2019 | 20:00
26.05.2019 | 20:00
We are glad to announce the program of our upcoming Mini-Festival MAKING KIN, taking place at Vienna’s Schikaneder from 24-26th of May. On each day we will show the remarkable film-portray of Donna Haraway STORYTELLING FOR EARTHLY SURVIVAL made by Fabrizio Terranova and accompany it with various lectures, screenings, Q&As, presentations etc.

24.5 will be devoted to Kinships, Oddkin, Alliances and will contain a talk by Fahim Amir, a Q&A with director Fabrizio Terranova (tbc) and presentations of the kin-making work of two collectives: Philosophy Unbound and Stoffwechsel - Ecologies of Collaboration.

25.5 will consist of a “classical” Philosophy Unbound evening, in which we once again will open up new spaces for experiments in form and medium for expressing philosophy. The Call is still open and more details will be posted at a later point!

26.5 is titled “Belebbare Welten. Sprache und Ökologie” and will address the topic of translation, language and new ways of relating to a devastated planet through manifold voices. Karin Harrasser and Ulrich van Loyen will engage in a conversation, moderated by Fahim Amir.

More concrete program information will be published in the weeks before the festival.


Organisation: Kilian Jörg, Flora Löffelmann, Sara Lanner, Ina Sattelegger, Thomas Ballhausen, Anita Kaya, David Hoffmann
Photocredits: Fabrizio Terranova
Flyerdesign: Johanna Nielson
Sponsors & Partners: Im_Flieger, Schikaneder Wien, Literaturhaus Wien, ÖH Uni Wien, Bagru Gender Studies, Bagru Thewi, IG Philosophie, MOB (