Vaginale 2019: Traum.AT, Matryoshka

Performance: Anja Filatova & Alina Avsharova (ohne Ton)
Performance by Anja Filatova & Alina Avsharova

The picture of sarcophagi in the form of a Matryoshka (a burial chamber/coffin) juxtaposing
the figure of Matryoshka as an idea/ideal/form and a real, alive female body visually analyzing their
interaction. The empty matryoshka is both a womb and a tomb. The mummy, cocoon created by the surroundin of a woman (and by herself to be able to deal with this surrounding) - is meant to preserve her, to hel the rebirth - or to burry. Family and close social connections - they create and destroy us, form and deform what we are.
With this work we want to address such topics as motherhood, sisterhood, female community, self-reflections, rituals, cultural heritage, life and death.

We ask ourselves: which parts of us do not fit into the conventional, idealized, female gender?
Is it possible to extend the reality so we can fit in?

Dauer: 30 Minuten
5 Euro VVK
10 Euro Abendkassa
(Freier Eintritt mit Karte vom Cinema Special um 22:00)