Nava Hemyari, AT, 2020
17 min., OmdU
Offspring is the story of couples who met on a dating website for suicidal people, which is on the darknet. The fictional-documentary follows these people and records their decisions.

Eldorado, is a dating platform on darknet for people who plan to commit suicide with someone else. The filmmaker in the film contacts some people from this community in order to interview them. She follows couples with various decisions, ones who have abort their suicide mission and also ones who go through with it and accompanies them on their journey.

Freier Eintritt / Free Entrance
“What you’re about to witness is scenes of human choices of a sort that are seldom looked at with a mere impartial view. Respecting our subject’s decisions is the least we can do to appreciate the permission to be present and document such intimate moments. “

This is the approach of a director, who gets curious about a dating platform on the darknet called Eldorado. The platform is made for suicidal people who are considering committing suicide with another person. The director succeeds in contacting 3 couples from the Website who agree to appear in front of the camera. Each couple either explain or just demonstrate their decisions by letting the director be present. The film goes on to see what happened to those who aborted their initial suicide plan and raises the question if life is necessarily the better choice for everyone.