diverse, diverse, 2021
93 min., OV
Opening with a tasty, colorful, and fabulous mixture of different sexualities, bodies, and fantasies, our Intro Porn Shorts will wake up even the laziest couch potato after a long Covid-19 lockdown sleep! Luckily, this is just the beginning of a spicy festival program with a lot of juicy surprises! Are you ready to dive into new sexy porn spheres with us?
Don't be a DICK!, Amir Ovadia Steklov, Germany, 2020, 9:04
Progressive touch, Michael Portnoy, Austria, 2020, 12:49
A Fairytale, Inka Winter, United States, 2020, 5:00
Tell Me What You Like, Inka Winter, United States, 2020, 26:49
Wrong With You, Tim Best, United States, 4:04
The failure of sex, Antonis Sideras, United Kingdom, 2020, 2:52
Tapedeck, Morgana Mayer, Italy, 2021, 13:00
Expeerimental, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2021, 1:00
Pandemic Exercises, Aga Szreder & Rafal Zwirek, Poland, 2020, 8:00
Honeydew, Vespéral, France, 2017, 6:38
A pleasure a. treasure, Romina Asuna, Austria, 2021, 3:37

ticket price: 9.-€