diverse, diverse, 2021
98 min., OV
Porn Film Festival Vienna
Fighting clichés and prejudice about gay sex, this year’s collection of Gay Porn Shorts is both political and playful! It fulfills gay desire in all its varieties, reaching from hard to soft, from fisting to cuddling. Presenting some pretty exciting Man-on-Man action, these films bring gay topics to a new level.
The Grapefruit Technique, Ivan Sobris, France, 2018, 5:28
GHUSL, Chorus of Body, Turkey, 2021, 1:56
Drawing Nudes, Ivan Sobris, France, 2019, 5:34
Diptychon, Jan Soldat, Germany, 2021, 2:55
Saint Plaisir, Ivan Sobris, France, 2020, 17:41
Helping Hand, No_Pic_No_Chat, Poland, 2021, 8:56
Descent, Iztok Klančar, Netherlands, 2021, 5:36
Pops' Corn, Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, Germany, 2020, 4:04
Fisherman, Nicky Miller, Germany, 2021, 10:00
Lovers/Husbands , Menelas , Greece, 2021,10:00
PISS OFF X, Henry Baker, United States, 2021, 19:57
GODASSES – PARTI 1: Puscle Mussy, Emre Busse, Germany, 2021, 5:30

ticket price: 9.-€