diverse, diverse, 2021
83 min.,
Porn Film Festival Vienna
Doc Porn Shorts is another new collection this year, which explores the documentary side of porn. The films portray personal stories and desires, ask about different forms of pleasure and visual developments in the representation of sex and the body.
Another Beautiful Creature, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 15:16
Mes Chéris, Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, & Jamal Phoenix, Germany, 2020, 12:19
Blastogenesis X, Conrad Veit & Charlotte Maria Kätzl, Germany, 2021, 26:39
Fuck the Fascism: The crossroad of two worlds, Maria Basura & Pandemicxxx & Jose Pouchucq, Chile, 2020, 8:56
Letter to my mother, Amin Maher, Iran, 2019, 19:33

ticket price: 9.-€