diverse, diverse, 2021
62 min., OV
Porn Film Festival Vienna
This year's Lesbian Porn Shorts not only focus on lesbian sexual fantasies and their non-male-gazed, non-heteronormative representations in porn. The collection also presents films made by lesbian filmmakers and thus is an homage as well to all the women* behind the camera. The films are as intimate as they are playful, they are ecstatic, liberating, and wonderfully diverse!
Closeted Lesbian, Bia Lee, Brazil, 2020, 6:16
The Mirror, Toni Karat, Germany, 2020, 4:35
Honeydew, Vespéral, France, 2017, 6:38
Lesbian Soccer Lust, Carlos Deth, United States, 30:00
Eat Me Outside, BEYONDEEP, United States, 2020, 6:00
Rubber, altSHIFT, United Kingdom, 2020, 7:39

tickets 9.-€