The Pleasure(s) of Feminism

Panel Discussion
Porno ist nie nicht politisch. Porno ist nicht neu. Dennoch wurden in diesem Genre mit dem Aufkommen der Neuen Frauenbewegung neue Dimensionen erreicht, quantitativ wie qualitativ. Die PorNO und PorYES Bewegungen haben in der Vergangenheit und auch heute noch viele Diskussion innerhalb feministischer Debatten erzeugt und in mancher Hinsicht sogar in zwei Lager geteilt. Wie definieren wir nun was feministisch am Porno ist oder was ein feministischer Porno ist?
Den Aspekten feministischer Pornografie widmet sich die kommende Podiumsdiskussion des PFFV 2021. Aus mehreren unterschiedlichen Perspektiven wird die Frage beleuchtet, wie sich feministische Pornografie definieren kann und sich feministische Frauen*bilder in einem stark mainstream-orientierten und heteronormativen Genre durchsetzen können. Wie kann queer/feministischer Porno sein subversives und kreatives Potential ausschöpfen? Wann ist ein Porno feministisch? Denn Pornografie kann sex-positiv, safe, lustvoll und vielfältig sein.


Theresa Lachner ist Journalistin, Systemische Sexualberaterin und Gründerin von LVSTPRINZIP: Dem größten deutschsprachigen Sexblog sowie dem gleichnamigen Buch und Podcast.

Manuela Kay, born and raised in West Berlin. Journalist, author, and co-managing director of Special Media SDL Verlag, co-publisher and co-CEO of the magazines "Siegessäule - Queer in Berlin" and "L-MAG - Das Magazin für Lesben". She has published several books, including "Schöner Kommen" (Querverlag, 2000), made sex-positive films such as "Airport" (1994), was co-producer of "Fucking Different XXX" to which she contributed the short film "Blümchensex" and has been co-organizer and curator of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin since 2007.

Candy Flip was born to be a hooker. After finishing her master’s degree, Candy said farewell to the mundane, tame life and to henceforth make her money as an Escort and porn performer. Her sex work is a way for her to reclaim agency in a patriarchal system and a comparatively pleasurable way of making a living.  As a performer she roams both the mainstream and the fringes of the porn industry, from commercial gang bang flicks to art films like Shu Lea Cheang’s FLUID Ø (2017). As a director, Candy addresses her experiences with the patriarchy in general and the sex industry in particular. Her debut film is THE SAD GIRLS OF THE MOUNTAINS (2019).

Jasmin Hagendorfer – Co-Founder & Creative Director of the PFFV. She is a Vienna-based artist, creative mind, and writer. Her main artistic interest is installation, sculpture and performance, and her work has been exhibited in many countries. As an artist she is concerned with socio-political discourses and questions about gender identity with an emphasis on post-porn-politics. Her work as part of the Porn Film Festival Vienna is focusing on the overall creative concept of the festival, the creation of artistic highlights and maintaining an artistic balance in the festival programming.

Patrick Catuz lectures and researches in the fields of film studies, porn studies and gender studies. He is the author of the book "Feminismus fickt!" ("Feminism Fucks!"), which deals with feminist perspectives on pornography. He is now part of Arthouse Vienna - a feminist porn production company in Vienna.

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Djamila Grandits is a Vienna based curator, film programmer and cultural worker. As part of CineCollective she's responsible fo the artistic direction and management of Kaleidoskop Film und Freiluft am Karlsplatz. Currently she is part of the selection committees of DOK Leipzig, frameout - digital summer screenings and tricky women | tricky realities. Djamila cares about entanglements and the exploration of collective spaces. She is inquisitive about the intersection and deconstruction of theoretical concepts, artistic-, political- as well as activist forms and expressions.

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Photocredits: Theresa Lachner by Martin Holzner / Jasmin Hagendorfer by Christoph Liebentritt / Candy Flip by Monika Czosnowska