diverse, diverse, 2021
97 min., OV
Porn Film Festival Vienna
Experimental Porn Shorts brings together films that understand porn as a playground to explore fantasies and visualize new ideas. Come with us on a sensual journey of discovery that challenges stereotypes and shifts points of views, that explores new paths, pushes boundaries and that gives passion and pleasure a whole new meaning.
Pandemic Exercises, Aga Szreder & Rafal Zwirek, Poland, 2020, 8:00
RE-INVENTION, Ila Afterglow, Italy, 2020, 2:06
THE ART PROJECT, Dirty Dreaz / Lily Lu, Germany, 2020, 1:14
Expeerimental, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2021, 1:00
Revealing the essence in a portrait, Josephine Baltzersen, Denmark, 2020, 2:08
tell me your searchwords, Eva Kirsch, Germany, 2020, 12:00
Moondark, Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2020, 8:00
Camera and I, Shine Louise Houston, United States, 2020, 14:00
a pleasure a. treasure, Romina Asuna, Austria, 2021, 3:37
GHUSL, Chorus of Body, Turkey, 2021, 1:56
Progressive Touch, Michael Portnoy, Austria, 2020, 12:49
Descent, Iztok Klančar, Netherlands, 2021, 5:36
Perestroika, Sascha-Alexandra Zaitseva & Lars* Kollros, Austria, 2021, 6:43
Peep Punk Show, Claudia Borgia & Annalisa Macagnino & Gilvia Rollo (Playgirls from Caracas) & Nadyne & nitx. Italy, 2018, 11:42
FRZNTE , Kolbeinn Hugi, Germany, 2019, 5:53

ticket price: 9.-€