URBAN SMUT with pre-film CRASH

Theo Meow, Katy Bit, Finn Peaks, Jo Pollux, Candy Flip, DE, 2020
86 min., No Dialogue
Porn Film Festival Vienna
This anthology film is a sexual journey through the urban landscape of Berlin. For the first time, five iconic figures of the Berlin indie porn scene - Theo Meow, Katy Bit, Jo Pollux, Finn Peaks and Candy Flip – got together in this collaboration and created five episodes of explicit sex based on their personal fantasies. Including queer and straight sex, reaching from BDSM, masturbation or voyeurism to erotic wrestling, each episode is of superb aesthetic value and pure visual pleasure! Whether in a stuffed basement, on a dusty construction site or at the canal bank, “Urban Smut” explores the city’s sexual vibe and manages to capture a smoking hot summer in Berlin!


"these wounds formed the key to a new sexuality, born from a perverse technology" To get into the mess and fuck in the wreckage. To give over to pure physical sensation and stare into the void of atrocity, oblivion. The body as machine - like a crashed car - of both powerful possibility and freedom and impotent, crumpled failure. Pain and pleasure heightened by the tension pulling at our own survival instinct.

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