Stand with Freefilmers

Freefilmers, UA 80 min., OmeU
Solidarity Screening
Stand with freefilmers- Schikaneder and hungry eyes festival are hosting a solidarity screening in cooperation with freefilmers, an independent collective of filmmakers from Mariupol. We are showing a program of shortfilms made by Ukrainian documentary and/or experimental filmmakers to support them and their families during the Russian War in Ukraine. Focusing on the promotion of independent filmmaking in Eastern Ukraine, they are raising the issues of struggle for equality and freedom and are providing a platform for experiments beyond the system.

All of the collected money will go directly to the collective and will be used as financial support for their families, refugees and local support in Mariupol.

- My Cosmos, Natasha Tzeliuba, 10 min
- It’s Cool To Fantasize by Oksana Kazmina, 10 min
- The Wonderful Years by Svitlava Shymko, 8 min
- Intermutation. Neither a Fairytale Nor a Musical by Oksana Kazmina, 23 min
- Я / I by Sashko Protyah & Vasyl Lyah, 3 min
- Eastern Ukrainian Dialogue by Sashko Protyah & Oksana Kazmina, 25 min

The recomended minimum donation is 5€ but you can pay as you can and wish at the venue.

More about the collective and the team: