Porn Film Festival Vienna
Why so serious? Can't sex be fun and porn some kind of comedy? The collection of Fun Porn Shorts invites you on a journey through absurd scenarios and sexy scenes loaded with irony and humor. These superb films are out to break taboos and to free sex from any stigma! Parody and humor have been liberating strategies in arts since forever - so let's have a good laugh together whilst smashing heteronormativity!

Tickets 8€
GAY*WATCH BERLIN, Gina Burner & Hanna Schaich, Germany, 2021, 13:16
Pussy Cruising, Masa Zia Lenardic & Anja Wutej, Germany, 2021, 7:30
Milkshake, Charis Uster, Germany, 2021, 20:00
Love is in the air, Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 2010, 13:49
Pikachu v/s Piñera, Fernanda Herrada & Vesania Versátil, Chile, 2021, 7:44
Rolling Rainbow, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2022, 1:40
Queerantine Fantasy, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 8:51
Baiser (Kiss), Mark Reynolds, United States, 2020, 0:53
Aunty Fernanda, Neoza Goffin, Belgium, 2021, 2:10
NatiAnal Pornographic, Diego Tigrotto, Italy, 2021, 5:53