Porn is many genres, and it is also documentary! Our Documentary Porn Shorts present a side of porn that has rarely been appreciated. The collection focuses on personal portraits, stories, and desires, it explores sexual pleasure and fantasies on a deeper level and seeks alternative modes of representations. By creating an astounding intimacy through documentary pictures, these films bring us closer to their protagonists, their bodies, and their sexual desires.
Tickets 8€
Nectar of the Sublime, Deike Schwarz, Germany, 2021, 22:56
Would You Realize That I’m a Survivor?, Carlos Ledesma, Argentina, 2021, 2:46
Sovereign Sex, Dom Razberry & Daemon Derriere, United States, 2021, 14:10
A Sex Worker's Story 2, Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2021, 21:03
AUTOAGGRESSION, Martin Willibald Meisl & Daria Vybornova, Austria, 2022, 27:00