Experimental Porn Shorts is all about fantasies, desires, and new paths of exploring sexuality. This collection offers a wonderful mixture of films that are sensual and intimate, kinky and cheerful, passionate and powerful. Pushing boundaries to make porn production more diverse, these shorts will continuously make us shift our points of view and bring us on a journey that gives pleasure a whole new meaning.

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Baiser (Kiss), Mark Reynolds, United States, 2020, 0:53
Liquid Love, Massimo Clemente, Italy, 2021, 6:32
Fucking Giulio, Morgana Mayer, Italy, 2022, 5:18
Bondage, an out of body experience (2D), Ann Antidote, Germany, 2021, 6:30
Macho Carne, George Pedrosa, Brazil, 2021, 15:00
Thanksgiving, Lucifer, United States, 2021, 11:11
losing control, Lars* Kollros, Austria, 2021, 8:33
Eyes and Horns, Chaerin Im, Republic of Korea, 2021, 6:15
Psyche Love, Torri Lisek, 10:37
Toy, Jan Jester, Austria, 1:35
SILVER .dirty dreaz., lily lu & dirty dreaz, Germany, 2021, 2:56
Understanding Patriarchy, Rafal Zwirek & Aga Szreder, Poland, 17:00