Porn Film Festival Vienna
This section showcases films exclusively directed by people who identify as female*. The world and how we perceive it is still predominantly shaped by white male gazes. Let's break this pattern! These shorts will show you joyful dancing and juicy fantasies in public through a female* lense; educate about the joys and the stigma connected to squirting. You will dive into an experimental journey on a person's sexual history and see what lesbian cruising may look like.
* The star coming with female* wants to point out the absurdity and cruelty of the binary gender system and its construction. Nevertheless, these binaries still structure most of our worlds. Here we explicitly want to give space to non-cis-male perspectives (without saying they can't do good porn ;-).

Tickets 9€ / Keine Reservierung
ab 18.4 vor Ort im schikaneder
ab 4.4 online unter:
Aunty Fernanda, Neoza Goffin, Belgium, 2021, 2:10
Milkshake, Charis Uster, Germany, 2021, 20:00
ICE CREAM, Mihriban Tandoğan, Turkey, 2021, 3:12
Nectar of the Sublime, Deike Schwarz, 2021, 22:56
Ob Scene, Paloma Orlandini Castro, Argentina, 2021, 17:33
Pussy Cruising, Masa Zia Lenardic & Anja Wutej, Germany, 2021, 7:30