This collection is dedicated to all the fetishist among us! It focuses on portrayals of sexual fixations on nonliving objects or nongenital body parts. If it is eyes, feet, cars, or latex, that turns you on, you won't get disappointed watching these films. Not only will you find beloved and established fetishes, but also brand new, surprising and unexpected preferences!

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WET STREAMING III - fuck my ficus, Aaron Scherer & Eva Sommer & Daniela Zahlner, Austria, 2021, 5:20
Holy Mouth, Morgana Mayer, Italy, 2021, 6:34
Feel my border, Mirvea, Italy, 2021, 10:25
WE'RE GOING DOWN, Alexandre Medeiros, Brazil, 2021, 7:29
Bliss, Nat Portnoy, France, 2022, 5:25
ESTRELAS DO CAOS: TESÃO NA ANARQUIA, Alexandre Medeiros, Brazil, 2021, 19:45
Love is in the air, Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 2010, 13:49