Once again, the Lesbian Porn Shorts collection provides a wide range of films that explore non-heteronormative and non-male-gazed representations of lesbian desire and pleasure. It's a space for women* filmmakers behind and in front of the camera as much as for lesbian fantasies. Fighting stereotypes and creating intimacy, these films search for playful and liberating ways to fight heteronormativity.

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Estallar, Blanca ReyGal, Mexico, 2021, 17:42
I Wanna Get Wet With You, Torri Lisek, 15:06
La Maleta, Torri Lisek, 11:48
VÊNUS EM GLITTER, Alexandre Medeiros, Brazil, 2022, 16:15
VIDA À LA DIABLE, Alexandre Medeiros, Brazil, 2022, 20:09
Tulips, Nat Portnoy, Netherlands, 2021, 20:12