Porn Film Festival Vienna
Fighting stereotypes and providing visibility to bodies and sexualities that are hardly represented in mainstream culture, the collection of Queer Porn Shorts I is an open space for queer desires. Celebrating LGBTQIA+ diversity, body positivity, and queer sexuality, these films reach from fun adventures to visual poetry.

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ab 18.4 vor Ort im schikaneder
ab 4.4 online unter:
Queerantine Fantasy, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 8:51
Merci Madame Manon, Manon Praline, Germany, 2021, 20:56
Hole Theory, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 11:42
Endzeit Berlin, Toni Karat, Germany, 2021, 9:55
Rise & Shine, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2022, 14:16
Rolling Rainbow, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2022, 1:40
GAY*WATCH BERLIN, Gina Burner & Hanna Schaich, Germany, 2021, 13:16