Meshing music, dance and art, these films are all about fabulous, fluorescent and fascinating bodies exploring their sexuality through movement. Freeing these bodies from stigma and shame, these films are a celebration of body positivity.  By experimenting with aesthetics, using graphic imagery and challenging internalized patterns of perception, these films seek new forms of representation. Don't expect over sexualized mainstream music video clips, because with this collection you will discover a whole new level of nudity in motion. Dance is a form of expression, it can be cathartic, liberating, rebellious and erotic! So, listen, dance, and above all: fuck!

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Eyes and Horns, Chaerin Im, Republic of Korea, 2021, 6:15
Baiser (Kiss), Mark Reynolds, United States, 2020, 0:53
It is hot it is icy, Jeanne Luck & Angèle Chapelot, France, 2021, 1:47
Understanding Patriarchy, Rafal Zwirek & Aga Szreder, Poland, 17:00
Hole Theory, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 11:42
Queerantine Fantasy, Mahx Capacity, United States, 2021, 8:51
Aunty Fernanda, Neoza Goffin, Belgium, 2021, 2:10
Dance.Destroy.Create., Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2021, 13:44
Fucking Freaks Club, Nour Beetch & Nicky, Belgium, 2022, 18:38
MUZION, 9:40