Porn Film Festival Vienna
Menelas Siafakas the director of Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival will present a selection of fine Hellenic porn shorts from past editions. The films will talk about important issues like what do on a lazy afternoon at a riverside, what to do with orphan dildoes, how to cope will loneliness online, what to do on a beach and how to introduce Plato to tourists visiting your town. Menelas will be there to talk about the porn scene in Athens and the Satyrs and Maenads festival and answer your questions.

Tickets 9€ / Keine Reservierung
ab 18.4 vor Ort im schikaneder
ab 4.4 online unter:
Satyrs and Maenads 2021 (Online Festival Trailer) 04:44 (Edited by Menelas)
A Bondage Landscape (2019) Dir. DjPan Koumpare CYP 17:27 (No dialogue)
Dildo Riot (2021) Dir. Maria Cyber GREECE 09:00 (greek with eng subs)
Cables |kávles| (2021) Dir. Tomas Diafas GREECE 11:36 (greek, english with gre/eng subs)
The Shore (2020) Dir. Eirini Tampasouli GREECE 03:18 (no dialogue)
Symposium: an athenian rawmance (2017) Dir. Menelas GREECE 22:40