Lonely moments during uncountable COVID-19 lockdown hours have been well-used in some cases! Exploring one's own body, and charging some sexual energy in times like these, is a perfect way to lift your spirits. Masturbation Porn Shorts pays tribute to all those above us, who created some adventurous moments for themselves and let blossom their desires.

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Elaion, Dwam, France, 2021, 6:50
Dirty Distance, Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2021, 23:00
NatiAnal Pornographic, Diego Tigrotto, Italy, 2021, 5:53
for me (alone), Henrik Seidel, Germany, 2021, 20:13
Possession, altSHIFT, United Kingdom, 2020, 9:10
Nectar of the Sublime, Deike Schwarz, Germany, 2021, 22:56
Holy Tree, Nat Portnoy, France, 2021, 5:13