With Queer Porn Shorts II we continue our adventurous journey through queer desires, practices, and bodies.  Proud and body positive, these films claim queer space as they break new ground in porn production. Reaching from queer sexuality that meets playful images, to lustful stories that recall a demand for visibility, this collection is one of our festival highlights!

Tickets 8€
2 or 3 things I like about him, Paul Stümke & Billy Vega & Jamal Phoenix, Germany, 2021, 15:00
Girl Gang, Charlie Benedetti, Spain, 2021, 21:08
Luna Has Two Mommies, Papi Femme, United States, 2021, 17:59
ORLANDOS, Julia Ritschel, Spain, 2021, 12:00
Milkshake, Charis Uster, Germany, 2021, 20:00