gemmel & tim - opening film

The award-winning documentary „Gemmel & Tim“ highlights the lives and sudden deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, two black men who died of meth overdoses in the apartment of West Hollywood politician Ed Buck. Their deaths were a shock to the LGBTQIA+ community, but even greater was the ensuing media frenzy that fueled homophobic and racial prejudice. After years of ignoring and forgetting the victims, the film finally lets the extended and chosen families have their say, working with memories and objects that trace Gemmel and Tim’s lives. It is an intimate portrait of two men whose story should not be forgotten.

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documentary / 2021 / 91min
usa / en ov & en subs

Director Michiel Thomas
Producers Michael Franklin, Niq Lewis
Editors Niq Lewis, Michiel Thomas
Cinematographer Michiel Thomas