down in paris

In „Down in Paris“ we meet Antony Hickling as director and lead actor, who ironically embodies a film director himself. The main character, Richard, finds himself in a creative crisis and, like Fellini or James Franco, sets out to find the source of his fears and doubts. On his nocturnal ramble through Paris, Richard encounters all sorts of unexpected characters. But in the first light of dawn, Richard can’t help but face his deeper longings and search for his true artistic calling.

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feature / 2021 / 102min
france / en & fr ov & en subs

director: Antony Hickling
script: Pierre Guiho and Antony HICKLING
camera: Yann GADAUD Camera Assistant : Kevin DUBERT
editor: Yannis POLINACCI
cast: Geoffrey couët, François BRUNET, Nina BAKHSHAYESH, Claudius PAN, Raphaël BOUVET,Thomas LAROPPE