maybe someday

Powerful and incredibly honest, filmmaker Michelle Ehlen tells the story of a woman breaking up and moving on. MAYBE SOMEDAY is Ehlen’s fifth feature film as a writer-director, in which she also stars as Jay, who is facing the most difficult aspects of love. While separating from her wife, Jay travels across the country and reunites with her secret high school sweetheart. Jay confronts formative moments in her past and in this process meets the charismatic wannabe standup comedian Tommy, who turns out to be a damn good friend. A moving film about the hope that a „maybe someday“ becomes a „definitely now.“


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feature / 2022 / 90min
usa / en ov & en subs

director:michelle ehlen
script: michelle ehlen
editor: michelle ehlen
cast: michelle ehlen, charlie steers, shaela cook, jeneen robinson, eliza blair, cameron norman