she the creator

Port Townsend, WA, is the setting for the aberrations of Lilith, a traumatized painter who lives largely in isolation. Her only confidante is Kat, an aspiring writer who cares for Lilith, though her boundaries of morality and professionalism are unclear. When Lilith decides to stop taking her medication, she begins to paint again for the first time since her trauma. By resuming her work, Lilith becomes increasingly obsessed with the alchemical process of creation and destruction. “She, the Creator” is a psycho-spiritual drama about a painter who loses touch with reality while trying to complete her latest series “The Elementals”.

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feature / 2022 / 97min

director: Ettie Wahl
script: Ettie Wahl
camera: Brody Willis
editor: Gabe Shelton-Jenck
cast: Bernadette Cuvalo, Johanna Warren, Sera Barbieri, Dawn Perryman