Elisa Flaminia Inno, IT, 2021
52 min., OmeU
WOMEN OF the LAND is a documentary that tells the stories of a group of Italian women who moved from the city to the countryside to make their dream come true: live in harmony with nature through the selfproduction of organic food, learn the arts of cultivation, transformation, preservation, restore local communities and promote an alternative lifestyle against over-consumption. In the last few years they have created this action group of women, to support agricultural work and rebuild local communities in the name of healthy food and green practices, respecting nature and territory. These women were born in the city and chose the countryside as a form of revolution. In this series they tell how they changed their own lives

IM ANSCHLUSS PUBLIKUMSGESPRÄCH mit Doris Formisano (Protagonistin) und Elisa Flaminia Inno (Regie).

Freier Eintritt / FREE ENTRY