La bête dans la jungle
Patric Chiha, FR/BE/AT, 2023
103 min., OmdU
#de 25 Jahre lang fiebern ein Mann und eine Frau in einem riesigen Nachtclub gemeinsam einem geheimnisvollen, unbekannten Ereignis entgegen.Von 1979 bis 2004: von Disco zu Techno. Erzählt wird die Geschichte einer Liebe, die Geschichte einer Besessenheit. Das große Unbekannte wird sich schließlich manifestieren, allerdings weitaus tragischer als erwartet...
#en It begins at the end of the 1970s, amidst the glittering nights of a club as a place of endless (im)possibilities and the timeless clockwork of a city. This is where John and May are waiting for an extraordinary, all-changing moment to occur. Around them, everything is loud and in motion, while they hold out in silence. Twenty-five years pass as they follow world events on their cathode-ray tube television set: Mitterrand’s term in office, the AIDS crisis, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 9/11. John’s obsessive watching and waiting for this one big event to happen becomes a monster, and May is his long-suffering accomplice. From 1979 to 2004: from disco to techno. Fashions, movements and drugs change as they dance against time which passes by more and more quickly. Lost among others yet alone together, the two continue to observe the world from the sidelines. If only it were love. (Berlinale)