What better way to break taboos, free ourselves from stigmas, and raise awareness about LGBTQIA+ issues than with humor and fun! Porn and comedy may not immediately pop into your mind as a pair, but trust us, they make a great match! The FUN PORN SHORTS are definitely a highlight in our Festival program! They add a special touch of wit to all the sexiness and remind us that sex, first and foremost, is meant to be fun!
(Just) Balloons, Zahm Waters, Canada 2022, 00:06:40
70s Break, Werther Germondari, Italy 2022, 00:07:45
The Pohorny Tribe, Diego Tigrotto, Italy 2022, 00:07:00
Hold The Tip, Hunter S. Johnson, Germany 2022, 00:26:00    
THE JOY OF BITING, Nina Hoffmann, Germany 2022, 00:02:22    
Boyfriend Number Two, Colin Ginks, United Kingdom, 00:04:07    
JUICY LUCY, LEE CAMPBELL, United Kingdom 2022, 00:02:49    
Electro Stimulation XXX, Werther Germondari, Italy 2023, 00:11:30
L'Orange, Hayes Hoey, United States, 00:08:09    
Global Orgasm, Werther Germondari, Italy 2004, 00:01:26

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