This collection of films explores a range of fetishes and BDSM practices, all of which are consensual. The films feature playful scenes and scenarios that allow the characters to act out their BDSM fantasies and power imbalances. From spanking and roleplaying to more intense practices involving blood, these BDSM & FETISH PORN SHORTS are sure to surprise. In addition to exploring BDSM, this collection also includes intimate portrayals of various fetishes - both expected and unexpected - ranging from feet to eyes, all depicted in sensual and inspiring ways.

SHIBARI TURK I - Yavuz Kurtulmus - AT 2023, 9 min.
PLAY WITH ME - Inka Winter - US 2021, 21 min.
DOMINA'S BALL GAMES - Alex Nichol, GB 2022, 12 min.
SHIBARI TURK II - Yavuz Kurtulmus - AT 2023, 6 min.
OWN YOUR FETISH - Henry Baker - US 2022, 3 min.
PLAYGROUND - Ben Berlin - DE 2022, 15 min.
MILA'S SERVICE HANGS IN THE BALANCE - Alex Nichol, GB 2022, 12 min.
TIE ME UP - Inka Winter, US 2021, 11 min.
JUST LOVE, Morgana Mayer, IT 2022, 7 min.

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