There is still so little awareness of trans* realities. Even within emancipatory fights, trans* voices are often marginalized. This collection, therefore, aims to actively support trans* visibility and wants to celebrate trans* bodies and sexual fantasies. It aims to be a space for trans* filmmakers and trans* sexualities on screen and wants to inspire the production of more trans* gazed porn in the future.

Zutritt ab 18 J., Einheitspreis: 8€
Repeat - DACID GO8LIN - Mark Gerstorfer, AT 2022, 4 min. 
Exxxtasy - Emy Fem, Bear Silver, NL 2022, 9 min.
The Elusive Cervix - Torri Lisek, DE 2022, 17 min. 
Jewel Tones - Prince Poison, US, 10 min.
Deep Learning, 18 min.
3SOME COLLAGE - No Pic No Chat, PL 2022, 11 min.
Persephone - Papi Femme, US 2022, 7 min.      
Blinded Cocktails - hiperlinque, BR 2022, 18 min.