AT 78 min., dt. OV
Six years of festival history, hard work and countless conversations, and we can proudly say that there is indeed a fabulously diverse and active porn film scene in this country today. This collection is dedicated to all Austrian-based filmmakers who deal with sexuality on screen, with desires and bodies. Inspiring and moving images meet local artists and combine to create a unique sexy and dynamite mix.

Zutritt ab 18 J., Einheitspreis: 8€
Turkish Cum, Yavuz Kurtulmus, AT 2023, 6 min.
Repeat - DACID GO8LIN, Mark Gerstorfer, AT 2022, 4 min.
Gabriela, Andreas Friedl, AT, 10 min.
Simon says, Lars Kollros, AT 2019, 7 min.
Humpback, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, AT 2022, 5 min.  
Car Love, Maximilian Holetschek, Magdalena Mayr, AT 2022, 10 min.
FUDKLIAS! Zerfetzt die Geschlechter!, Jasmin Hagendorfer , AT 2021, 13 min.