EU, 2022
103 min., OV
This classic among our short film programs offers a broad spectrum between funny and sexy. The LESBIAN PORN SHORTS not only focuses on lesbian fantasies and their non-male-gazed, non-heteronormative representations in porn. They also create a playful and liberating space for women* in front and behind the camera.

Zutritt ab 18 J., Einheitspreis: 8€
The Birth of Venus, Four Chambers, 2021, 13 min.
Dancing bodies, Elisa Monteil & La Fille Renne & Laure Giappiconi, FR 2019, 6 min.
Just a day, Angelo Zabaglio, Andy Flipegg, IT 2022, 8 min.
The Proof is in the Pudding, Suçon, FR 2022, 16 min.
Daisies, Aló & Tormenta Cósmica, BR 2021, 26 min.
A Flor de Piel, Andor Polgár, NL 2022, 4 min.
Green:Forest, Goodyn Green, DE 2022, 10 min.
Fantasy, Hedonistas, AR 2022, 9 min.
Stalking Athens, Officer Flower, DE 2023 , 11 min.