Female* pleasure is not meant to be ultimately defined and strictly categorized in this collection. It is intended to be understood as a wide-open cosmos that invites everyone who identifies as female*. These films explore and celebrate the diversity of female* desires, ranging from dreamy or sparkling fantasies to hilariously funny adventures and sensual intimicy. But most importantly, they smash heteronormative and sexist ideas of female* sexuality and explore it through a female* lens.
Hungarian Tango, Pina Brutal - DE 2022, 12 min.
Bacchant Ethos, Sue Nhamandu - BR 2021, 14 min.
Dairy, Daphne Von Schrader,  2022, 9 min.   
FIST, Romy Alizée - FR 2021, 3 min.   
FIZZYPOPROTICA, Lotte Latham - GB 2020, 4 min.  
Paint Me Like…, Marcus Quillan - GB 2022, 20 min.
Gabriela, Andreas Friedl - AT, 10 min.

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