Is there any porn genre in which you can follow your fantasies without having any  limits? Yes, there is! It's called "Hentai". The name stands for abnormality and perversion. It is a pornographic anime, which offers a very wide range of different  stories. As opposed to pornography that showcases real people, Hentai is characterized by making the impossible possible.
"Hentai" is no longer considered a niche product due to its increasing popularity.
Thus we are pleased to welcome Sinan from My Hentai Porn in our midst at this  year's Porn Film Festival in Vienna. For 25 years now the studio has been known  for its distribution of Hentai, which it publishes in Europe and therefore outside of  Japan in its uncensored version.
In addition to the three titles about My Hentai Porn, we will also present you "Residence Of Obscene Art - The Animation" as a special feature in the program. It will be shown worldwide and for the very first time in its uncensored version at our festival.
- Green Eyes - The Animation
- Succuba Mist Story - The Animation
- Residence Of Obscene Art - The Animation
- Sensitive Pornograph

Zutritt ab 18 J., Einheitspreis: 8€