Never stop exploring new aspects of your sexuality! That could be the motto of our EXPERIMENTAL PORN SHOTS, which are all about diversity, fantasies and body-positivity. These films understand porn as a playground for sexual blossoming, and the results are very satisfying! Including self-love and group fun, this collection of shorts gives pleasure a whole new meaning.
Body Control, Paulina Pawłowska - PL 2022, 2 min.
BLOOD, KEYMO - PL 2022, 9 min.
Doll, Rosario Veneno, 2 min.
This Aint Ron Jeremy: The Masculinity of Tumblr's Divergent Pornstar, Jukiya Abe - US 2020, 5 min.
(In) Securely Attached, Marielle Gerke, Dan Farberoff, Ann Antidote - DE 2022, 15 min.
Women And Sex, Natalia Sara Skorupa - PL 2022, 5 min.
Tedium In Eden, Massimo Clemente - IT 2022, 5 min.
Barbelés, 9 min.
Witchbound, Noa Margulis - DE 2022, 8 min.
HOUSE OF DOLLS, Alexandre Medeiros - BR 2022, 20 min.
Like For Like, Firat Uran - TR 2016, 2 min.
Genderfluid, La Fille, Renne, Laura Giappiconi, Elisa Monteil - FR 2021, 7 min.

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