With what expectations do we watch porn? The team behind the Porn Film Festival approached this question and quickly realized that different people also have individual demands and expectations. What everyone on the team has in common is seeing how a diversity of people experience pleasure in sexuality. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, background, body image - we all delight in feeling represented. For some inexplicable reason, everyone delights in fluids.  From this year's program with its many, many subgenres, the team has put together a potpourri that will take you on a journey through the diversity of the genre.
The program also especially invites people who are at the beginning to deal with porn, but addresses also people who find it challenging to choose among the wide range of subgenres.
Global Orgasm, Werther Germondari - IT 2004, 1 min.
INFINITE LUBE, Cornpop Bright, Squareheart - GR 2022, 4 min.
Ogre Hole, Echo Chambers - US, 5 min.
Tease Me Ready, Bea Blue - DE, 14 min.
WTCHSONG, Lina Bembe - DE 2022, 4 min.
Jewel Tones, Prince Poison - US, 10 min.
Two of Swords, Four Chambers - GB, 13 min.
EDGE, Edmund Aleksander Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski - PL 2023, 18 min.
EstrellarSe, Amadalia Liberté, CL 2022, 13 min.
Repeat - DACID GO8LIN, Mark Gerstorfer - AT 2022, 4 min.

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