The expression of sex has a convulsing history, embarking present and of course an intriguing future. As society changes and technology advances, the future of sex may open wide discussions about enhanced intimacy through artificial intelligence and virtual reality, as well as debates concerning ethics, consent, privacy, human augmentation, and more. Our FUTURE OF SEX SHORTS take us on a journey to explore different angles on how this sexual future might come together.

Pussy Love by Linda Krauss, Germany 2023, English, 4 minutes
Lou and Coccyx fuck, by Lou Seapferd, Coccyx and Gyna Jones, Germany 2023, No Dialogue, 10 minutes
Screens*Scream*Sex - On The Brief All Encompassing Loss of Self by Catherin Schöberl, Isadora Alves, Emily and Salphinah Savin,  Switzerland 2023, English, 7 minutes
First 1000 Times by Guby Moon, Spain 2023, Spanish, 5 minutes
Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress by Jasmin Hagendorfer, Austria 2023, English and German, 24 minutes
RAVE by S4RA, Portugal 2023, English, 10 minutes
The Man who Perceives All by Emre Busse, Germany 2024, English and German, 9 minutes
Heavy Load by Juan Saez, Germany 2023, No Dialogue, 10 minutes

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