Our selection of GAY PORN SHORTS sends a highly intriguing selection of “gaze changers” your way… These films explore a variety of gay fantasies by, on one hand, taking on a fantastically spicy and playful angle, while on the other hand, drawing attention to challenging aspects of hidden desires. Political, passionate, or playful - but always intimate - audiences are in good hands to embrace the long-standing effects of this years deep-dive into gay porn shorts.
Category Gay by Silicone Pussy and Adriano Ray, Germany 2024, English, French, Persian, Spanish, 20 minutes
Intimità (Intimacy) by Matteo Giampetruzzi, Italy 2022, Italian with English subtitles, 5 minutes
Ikarus Reborn by Menelas Siafakas & Yavuz Kurtulmus, Greece & Turkey 2024, Greek with English subs, 7 min
Solid by Hiroki Iwasa, Japan 2021, Japanese with English subs, 14 minutes
turkish hammam queer by Yavuz Kurtulmus, Austria, No Dialogue, 16 minutes
The Man Who Perceives All by Emre Busse, Germany 2024, English and German, 9 minutes
Crixus by Juan Jesus Varela, Eduardo Ortiz, Mexico 2023, English, 26 minutes

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