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Introducing "Porn in the Dark" at PFFV: An Auditory Journey into Eroticism
We are thrilled to present a pioneering event at the Porn Film Festival Vienna (PFFV) - "Porn in the Dark". This unique event challenges traditional modes of pornography consumption by removing visual elements entirely, inviting attendees to experience desire and lust purely through sound.

In a completely darkened cinema, guests will embark on an auditory journey into the fantasy world of erotica, with a carefully curated selection of audio porn from CHEEX TALKS. This format not only introduces a novel way to engage with pornography but also significantly enhances the festival's accessibility to individuals with visual impairments or blindness. By focusing on the language and sounds of the films, "Porn in the Dark" ensures that everyone can find a common language in the shared experience of erotica.
This event is also a profound exploration of how film festivals can become more inclusive. Following the screening, we invite attendees to a panel discussion led by our facilitator Conny. Following the audio portion of this event, there will be an open discussion round where participants can share their thoughts, and together we can explore how to make porn more accessible to everyone!

We picked up a mix of English and German audios. It is a mixture of sexual identies - so that we can all feel this together.
Sexual discovery - an intro
Urlaub zu Hause 6'37 German/Deutsch
Bad Tourists 5‘14min English
Atemlos im Käfig 12‘08min German/Deutsch
The Playroom 11‘03min English
Mountain Glory 6‘10min German/Deutsch
Etwas Nicht Binäre Liebe 9‘55min German/Deutsch

What you'll need to join us on this unique adventure:
The ability to hear acoustically
Understanding of German or English
An open mind to explore new modes of consumption

"Porn in the Dark" promises to be a calm and relaxed introduction to the world of pornography, offering a different yet equally enriching experience. Join us to expand your horizons and contribute to a more accessible future for all film enthusiasts.

This event is free of charge – simply secure your complimentary ticket through Eventjet. Additionally, voluntary donations are warmly welcomed and appreciated.

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